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News from the Comune



The monthly skip from the comune for large items is now discontinued, due to the high costs involved. To remove large items please ask the comune and they will arrange transport for a small charge. Large quantities of items now will have to be taken to the collection centre in Camporosso by residents themselves, where there is a standard charge. The exception are domestic electrical items, TVs, fridges etc that, if not too broken up, will be removed free of charge by the comune. 



A further (unecessary) cost for the comune is when general rubbish is placed in the recycled containers, as they have to pay twice for disposal when this happens. At a later date to make sure no-one has excuses any more for making a mistake(!) the domestic rubbish and recycled bins will be positioned separately by about 100m.


The Little house of Sun, Val Nervia’s only kindergarten

After the closure of Dolceaqua’s kindergarten, the Little House of the Sun in Apricale is the only one now serving the residents of Val Nervia. Located in the newly built social housing with easy access to parking. Open from Monday to Friday 9a.m to 5 p.m. Please contact the Apricale Council office for more information: 0184208126