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Danes in Apricale

Danes visiting Apricale

Apricale has an appreciable foreign community, with lots of Germans and British, but perhaps the first group of non-Italians to discover Apricale in our times was the Danes.

September 1965 saw the first visit to Apricale by a group of visitors from Sanremo’s twin town, Helsingør, in Denmark.  The Marquis Guido Borea d’Olmo, Danish vice consul in San Remo, was responsible arranging the visit of 9 buses and 350 Danes, who came to join in the Sagra delle Pansarole. The people of Apricale, dressed in traditional costume and waving Danish flags and banners with “Welcome to Apricale” written in Danish, lined the carrugi for the last part of the journey. The Danes were warmly welcomed to the village, where they were offered food, drinks, and of course pansarole, by the Apricalese.  The village band played, speeches were held, and afterwards everyone drove to the nearby ‘Lago Bin’ restaurant for lunch.

A second visit took place in October 1981.The  Mayor of Apricale, Adriano Garraccione, welcomed 120 guests from Helsingør to the Piazza V Emanuelle II, again for the pansarole (the Danes spoke about being impressed by the huge pan, used to make the pansarole). All the ladies were given bouquets of red roses and white bridal veils – the colours of the Danish flag. Afterwards, the village offered its guests some excellent wine to accompany their lunch, while the Helsingør town orchestra played to the delight of both the Danes and Italians.  As the afternoon blossomed, a hastily formed group of local musicians played and sang Italian songs.

The Danish flag, painted on the wall facing the Piazza, commemorates these occasions. Photo Greg Sager