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Lerici and Tellaro 2013


Outing to eastern Liguria

At six o’clock in the morning we set off in the coach from Apricale to the Liguria Levante towards La Spezia. We were still all rather sleepy, but looking forward to a day out with beautiful weather, under blue, cloudless skies.

At ten o’clock we arrived at the ‘Golfo dei Poeti’ (Gulf of the Poets) in Lerici. This place has exerted a powerful attraction over artists and celebrities of the past, and we also cannot resist admiring the picturesque little town with its beautiful sandy beach and its colourful, well-kept houses.


An attractive ‘green strip’ has been laid out along the promenade, tempting the visitor to linger in the shade of  old trees. Numerous restaurants and bars line the road to the harbour, where little yachts and fishing boats bob in the water, and young people play a kind of water polo in canoes. The climb up to the imposing Castello di Lerici, with its five-cornered tower, built between 1100 and 1500, is attempted by only a brave few of the visitors from Apricale, but they are rewarded with a fantastic view over Lerici and the Golfo dei Poeti.


After a visit of over two hours, we continued on the coach to Tellaro, for lunch at the restaurant ‘La Caletta’ (Little Bay). Here, for a long lunch break of two hours, the friendly staff spoiled us with an outstanding meal of delicious fish dishes, until we were almost bursting.


To aid digestion, we followed the meal with a walk through the old part of Tellaro. This place is officially listed as one of the ‘Borghi più belli d’Italia’ (the most beautiful villages in Italy)–and rightly so, it seemed to most of us.


At six o’clock we boarded our coach for the last time for the homeward journey, where a sing-along accompanied by guitar helped to pass the time. Our friendly coach-driver brings us safely back to Apricale, and as we say goodbye and good night, we are filled with the joy of a wonderful day.