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Piemont May 2014


A trip into Piemont to Neive May 2014

This year, the voyage from Apricale to Neive started at 6.45am. We were lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot and not too cold, ideal for an outing.

After a short coffee break we first arrived at the beautiful village Mombaldone, which is also among the "I Borghi piú belli d´Italia". This is a small place with only 223 inhabitants, which can be easily spotted from the distance because of its elevated position (209 metres asl). We explored Mombaldone for a few minutes, and took in the delights of the antique church portal, the beautiful church, the well-kept houses, and the cobbled streets. After less than an hour, our journey continued, and we left with the impression that this village is no longer fully alive, as many of the houses were closed and appeared to be used as holiday homes only.  


We are in Neive-Borgonovo for lunch. We were already happily anticipated by the owners of the Trattoria dei Ferrovieri (Railway Tavern), and it soon became clear that we would enjoy an excellent service. After antipasto, primo, secondo und dolce we were pretty full and more than satisfied, as the menu and the extremely friendly staff were simply fantastic.

Next we went on a post-meal walk to Neive-Capoluogo, uphill into the old town. Neive was first documented in the year 1385. We found a little town well worth seeing, with inviting and busy bars and trattorias - certainly a tribute to the quality of the Piemontese wine – with beautiful medieval churches and buildings, and distant views of Piemont with its undulating hills and vineyards, and we were sorry that we could stay here only for a short while. But the bus and the return journey were calling. After nearly four hours, the calm bus driver brought us back to Apricale at around 21.30. The happy memories of this beautiful day will stay with all of us for a long time.