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Borgio Verezzi May 2015


Our Trip To Borgio Verezzi

This year we embarked again on an excursion into the big wide world. We set off at 7:15 from Apricale on a day that spoiled us with beautiful sunshine. After a bus journey that passes without incident, we arrive in Borgio at 9.45. The mayor is there to receive us, and shortly afterwards the minibus takes us in two groups up to Verezzi. The narrow bending road takes some getting used to, and there is always the chance of a car coming the other way.

After a short trip we arrive in Verezzi, which stands at an elevation of 300 meters. When entering the village, one is reminded of Busana Vecchia (Sanremo). The stone houses are rendered in many different colours, the streets are narrow and clean, and you can see everything in just a few minutes. There are many small restaurants, a beautiful piazza with an impressive view of the sea, and beautiful lovingly arranged gardens right next to the houses. A place that invites you to linger.

But we have to return, because our restaurant in Borgio is calling, right next to the sea. We are hungry, and are fed exceptionally well in “Rivamare”. There is plenty of fish from beginning to end, and the view of the beach and the blue  sea ensures that not only our palates are satisfied during our meal.

We leave after three hours, and cool down in the humid "Grotte di Borgio Verezzi” at 16°C. This grotto was discovered in 1933 and was opened to the public in 1970. Without Claus and his phobia, it is good to spend some time in this dimly lit grotto. We see crystal clear pools, beautiful stalagtites, sculptures built by nature, a spectrum of the past.

After that much nature and culture, we travel back to Apricale, but some of us are able to catch a quick glimpse of the notable old piazza in Borgio with its church.