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Why Apricaleinfo?

Surely there is already enough information available about Apricale, on the web, in newspapers and in the general media. If you enter Apricale in any search engine you come up with thousands of references, photos and histories, enough to satisfy even the most dedicated surfer. So why do we propose another site?

With Apricaleinfo, a group of volunteers and friends of this of this beautiful village want to provide easily accessible and useful news, information, and background
in four languages to residents, guests and visitors, wherever they are, in via Angeli or Los Angeles.

It is often difficult to discover what is going on in the village and the surrounding area. The growth of the internet can offer not only residents, and guests, but also visitors and friends from far and near, the chance to participate in the life of the village. This will be the aim of this site.

Our site is being launched with the support of the Comune of Apricale, although we are independent of the Comune. We aim to be free of commercial interests, although we will make references to local businesses and events.

This will be information for you, and from you.

Join us.

For information please contact:

Gabriele Cassini



Monica Buscaglia

Via degli Angeli 62, Apricale

+39 348 650 3200 (ita)
+33 668 30 4456 (fr)


Yvonne & Karl Hansen

Via Sant Anna 18, Apricale

+39 329 791 5121


Ute Feldmann & Ralf Kaczmaryk

Via San Bartolomeo 92

+39 0184 1928 490


Sylvie Leporati Cappellero

+33 618 61 2739


Paola Bragatto & Tom Parkhill

Località Rancallo, Apricale

+39 0184 192 8007


Karin Henriksson & Gary Newman

Via San Bartolomeo 13

+46 73 443 19 50


Roselinda & Sandro Cassini

Via Angeli 32

+1 317 224 6677 (US)

+39 347 053 3247 (IT)


Ute Semmelrogge & Lutz Fischer

Via Mazzini 16

+39 328 701 2610 (IT)

+49 162 689 9123 (GER)